Saturday, March 21, 2009

WBO #17

This is my homage to Mike Bailey's style. I kept thinking "don't worry about what the objects are" but I always draw the pear like a pear, etc. So this time I was doing a bunch of sketches, goofing around, playing with shapes and I said to myself, "what if I invert part of the pear here and and twist it over there? I took that idea and decided to run with it by duplicating my objects. Can you find my original three objects - a pear, French coffee pot, and a potted plant? Hint: They haven't changed from their original set up. The pear and plant are repeated several times. My color scheme was an attempt at the Old Master's style color palette. I used Quinacridone Gold, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, Red Iron Oxide and Ultramarine Blue. I planned to use a mouth atomizer to add a fine mist of color around the edges to soften them so that they wouldn't detract from the center but I couldn't find a store with one in stock so I'll save that for later.

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Stan said...

Awesome creativity. Beautifully done. Yes, I can see Mike's inluence.