Saturday, October 27, 2012

Working on exercises from the book Mastering the Watercolor Wash, by Joe Garcia. Here is #1 flat wash barn, I didn't even bother to tape down the paper for this one.  Still having trouble scanning cobalt and cerulean blues.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That bring to today's painting - a little study of textures (brick, glass, cloth).

I started these on Saturday and now it is Wednesday, this is my 6th practice painting in 6 days.  I might like to try this again using a wet-in-wet technique for the cliff.

Creating depth (study) wet-in-wet.

Another practice exercise.  Monochromatic boats.  My paper fit two designs so I did it twice.  The 2nd time I forgot to use mask so I had to go back with white gouache (not my method of choice). You can see how the one that was masked preserved the whites much brighter.

I repeated the pear study, this time using hot press paper 140# and fun bright colors.  The hot press paper makes the watercolors very hard to control.

Haven't painted in quite away as evidence by my lack of posts here.  I started off doing a full 22x30 sheet and got "stuck" and frustrated because I was trying something outside my usual style (whatever that is) so I pulled a book of my shelf and I'm doing practice excises.  Here is #1 a analogous study of pears (300# coldpress).