Friday, December 21, 2012

Baby Mollie

I woke up this morning with the idea of painting this picture of Mollie as a pup and to really make an effort to stay loose and to be imaginative with my colors.  Mollie is a red and white Border Collie mix. Her chest is totally white so that made it a little challenging.  Also, I never use gouache but decided that I needed just a little here and there to make the eyes pop and a few hairs stand out.  Overall I am very pleased with my first loosey-goosey painting. :)

Guglielmo Winery

Jeff and Liz and I stopped by the Guglielmo Winery near our home in Morgan Hill and enjoyed taking photos and browsing through their holiday boutique.  Jeff snapped some beautiful shots of the vineyard in gorgeous fall colors so I decided to paint it.  My goal is to try to practice painting looser but, as you can see, I fell back into my old habits and ended up adding a little pen and ink to finish it off.