Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spring Daffodils

I saw a lovely painting of daffodils by an artist friend, very light and etherial, lovely. I decided that I should try (again) to produce a juicy, loose painting. Not my strength but here goes.....not the greatest, decided to quit a third of the way through but since I was painting with a friend I decided to push on through, I mean, HOW BAD could it really get? LOL! Well, it certainly isn't loose, although in my defense it really did start out that way. Ha! Ha! The composition is off but I do like the colors, I did manage to finish it and paint did actually touch paper so I guess I will chalk it up as a success in accomplishing my goal of getting the paints out again! :) Oh! And there was cake involved! Fresh banana cake, so all is well.