Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rooster #2 - A little "Looser"

Here is my rooster again, this time a little looser.  I plan to do a third that will, hopefully, be looser still.  :)  This was really fun!  I was able to get together with my friend Ginger at her studio on Monday to paint and again at my friend, Pattie's, to paint.  Seems like I'm having a pretty good week. :)

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Loosey-goosey roses (Jean Haine's style)

Practicing a little loose style painting, wet-on-dry roses with lots of 'bleeding out".


Jeff got me a little pocket camera for Christmas so that I could take reference photos when I am out and about. I found this little guy in San Juan Bautista recently. After waiting patiently (on not so), he finally posed for me. I started off with the intent to paint loosely but it didn't end up that way, maybe next time.

Two Studies of Rachel

This is my niece Rachel.  In the first painting I was able to catch the essence and her  eyes worked but not the nose.  


In the second painting I tried got the nose and mouth a little closer but then didn't quite get the eyes.  I was happy that when I posted it on Facebook, without a title, Rachel's mom commented that it looked a bit like her daughter, Rachel.  I'm getting "close". :)  It feels really great to be painting again!

Pepper Jar

I forgot to post this painting of a pepper jar, done on November 14, 2012.