Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm finding that I am getting bored with my still life objects, but that's what is supposed to happen. I spent 2-1/2 hours playing with design ideas in my sketchbook but didn't really hit upon anything amazing. Originally I had the idea to use design #15 twice with different color variations. We were learning about color theory - pure hue vs. tone - so I decided to start there. I knew the two corners were going to have too much pure white and that I'd need to splash some color there so at the end I splattered paint to soften the corners. The design wasn't really working for me so I abandoned it for a new design for painting #16. I kept thinking - "what if" and just starting drawing swirls in my sketchbook. By now it was Friday and I knew I better get moving so I just decided to go for it. The new brand of mask I bought pulled up half of my pure hues and ripped up the tooth of the paper so I had to add more color, but it just wasn't the same. I figured I'd might as well go for broke and play with the new watercolor crayons I bought the day before. I mean, how bad could it really get?!! Here are the final creations. Not exciting to me but, hey, at least I'm taking chances!


Pixel Pattie said...

Way cool. I really like the top one. I am not sure how you got it from your still life, but that's the point right? I was pretty stuck this week, not starting till Sat evening with no ideas. I'll have something, but not sure I'll like it!

Mike said...

Both of these showed a lot of thought, Wendy. The class loved your designs. Well done!

P.S. My reply to your email bounced. Not sure why. Pay 3 bucks locally for your atomizer, the others don't seem to have the value in my opinion.

Jeff said...

Cool stuff!