Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Designer Gouache & Charcoal

This week I'm working on something totally new.  Our Drawing Dogs & Cats class is still working in black and white, but this time incorporating black gouache.  My first piece is a black and white border collie - you might have guess from previous pieces that I'm partial to this breed :)    After doing a sketch of the BC I filled in all the dark areas with black gouache and let it dry thoroughly.   I also started a cat so that I could let that dry while I continued to work on the details of the dog.  I thought this was a really fun project.  I really like the look of the first step, it reminds me of project we did in design class in college using black sticky "tape" to create an image.

Here he is with just the gouache.  I didn't put it on the eyes because I wanted to be 
able to shade them with the white and black charcoal pencils.

Young Border Collie Study
Bristol Vellum, 100#

For the tongue I chose not to smooth the charcoal out so that I could 
get the appearance of a rougher surface.

 They eyes took many layers of both black and white charcoal.

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