Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Goals, Goals, Goals

Well, I was partially successful reaching my goals this week. A few extra outside activities came up that ate up a bit of my time - a whirlwind moving of my mother-in-law into an independent senior facility (and all that entails) and back to back meetings at our daughter's school - she joined the robotics team so we had to meet for that last night and tonight we had the Senior Parents night. We have meetings or events every night this week AND I started back at college - yikes!

Okay, okay, excuses aside, this is how I fared on my goals for the week:

GOAL #1) Finish applying fixall to the exterior wall, in preparation for my mural.
I did manage (barely) to finish applying the Fixall to the entire area for the mural; however, I think it will still need another coat, or even two, in places. Now I have to let it "cure" a bit before applying the next coat.

GOAL #2) Finalize full-size sketch for the Linear Visions show
I have a few ideas I like but I decided I better just pick one and go for it. I am in the process now of getting it ready to transfer to my watercolor paper (which I realize I forgot to stretch ahead of time! Good goal for next week!)

GOAL #3) Buy mat for item #2 above.
No luck here. I went to Michael's, coupon in hand, to buy my mat only to find they don't carry the size I need. Looks like I'll have to cut it myself.

GOAL #4) Spray fixative painting for Mom.
Done! Yeah, I know, this one was easy. I wasn't sure how many coats to give it so I opted for 5.

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