Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Goals for next week

I know, I know, I'm not getting anything accomplished. Well, I met with an artist friend of mine today, Ginger, and, as always, she inspired me to push through and get moving. She suggested that we set some weekly goals and try to hold each other accountable. Here are my goals for the next week - this is more for myself than for any curious readers out there. Maybe if I put this in a public forum I'll be more likely to stick to it. This evening I did apply another coat of Fixall to my exterior wall in preparation for my mural - had to finally come in because it got dark and I need to buy more Fixall. I will post photos when I finally complete that step.

Goals for next week (I have several but some are easy):

1) Finish Fixall-ing wall

2) Finalize full-size sketch for painting (for the Santa Clara Valley Watercolor Society Annual Show "Linear Visions")

3) Buy mat for #2 above (already have the frame)

4) Spray (fixative) Mom's Yupo painting so I can give it to her next week.


Mary Paquet said...

Wendy, great goals. I've missed seeing you at the plein air sessions, and wouldn't you know, I was coordinating a Gerald Brommer workshop for the watercolor society and missed going the day you and your daughter painted at Santa Clara University. Love the sketch!! I made it this week to Vasona Park and had fun doing simple stuff. I just posted my piece for the members show on my blog.

janice said...

Have you done a preliminary drawing or mock-up of the mural yet? I'm so curious about what you'll paint! It's good for us to put together a short list of goals every now and then to get us moving when we fall into a rut-or in my case, let my natural slothfulness take over!