Monday, April 20, 2009

Rocky Beach

Since finishing the Watercolor Beyond the Obvious class I have been kind of slacking, catching up on things other than painting. I also started working a little on color theory - I am amazed at how many times I've tried to make a gray-scale value "color" wheel only to find that my grays were too dark and didn't transition properly into my light values. Taking a breather from gray-scale studies I did this painting, Rocky Beach, along with an on-line video. Trying to paint with a video is actual harder for me than trying to figure it out myself, but here it is. I paid for the on-line class so I'm going to finish it!!! :)


Sheila E. said...

Nice! what size is it?

Watercolor Wendy said...

Hi Sheila,

The study is 12 x 16. I did it super fast with an online program called Watercolor Secrets. I don't think I work as well with watching and painting. Usually if I do it a second time I have a better feel for it. I missed several important points to this exercise and had to try to go back and "fix" them. My goal is to be painting more and more so I guess that makes it a positive, right?! :)