Saturday, February 14, 2009

WBO - Week 4

This entry catches me up on adding WBO paintings to my blog. Since we have to paint the same still life every week we are constantly trying to approach it from a different angle. My goal for this first painting was to let the shadows sort of "melt" into each other and drip down off the tiled counter top. The drips were a little difficult to control and the colors didn't quite react as I had expected but all-in-all it represents just another approach to my subject.

The second painting was done in literally a few minutes, about 20 to be precise. I made a little sample in my sketchbook first because I was nervous drawing in permanent Sharpie on my nice watercolor paper. What the heck, it is just paper, right?! I am actually quite happy with this one - we aren't allowed to say "like" or "dislike" in class - it captured the loose quality I was aiming for so I'm happy.

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