Saturday, February 14, 2009

WBO - Week 3

I've been getting some good- natured ribbing about my lack of computer savvy and not knowing how to download pictures to the computer. So, this morning I asked dear hubby to show me how. As it turns out my computer predates Triceratops and trying to add yet another hub to its antiquated system was not a happy prospect. I ended up loosing my Internet connection - which was weak at best anyway - so hubby disconnected it, fixed my connection and showed me how to download pics on his computer. Looks like I might be inheriting his PC since he now uses his Mac laptop. Yeah! Anyway, here are my paintings from Week 3 of my Watercolor Beyond the Obvious class.


Kirsten said...

This one is eye catching. Great colors and lines. Kirsten

Watercolor Wendy said...

Thanks. This was fun. I had the idea in my head but wasn't really sure how it would actually come out - common thread with me! I am trying to depart from the "obvious" - hence the name of the class - Watercolor Beyond the Obvious.