Sunday, February 22, 2009

WBO Paintings #9 and #10

It seems a long time ago that we had our last WBO class but it's only been a week. I started by playing with some value study ideas, using my little transparent overlays over generic values of black and white. It was interesting but didn't really leave me with a lighting bolt of inspiration. I had it in my head to do a diagonal shaft of light coming from the upper corner so I just went with that. It wasn't until Wednesday when I finally starting painting, having trouble getting going this week, so I started two paintings simultaneously. The first one didn't take the paint the way I had hoped so I just started pouring it on, masking areas, letting it dry and repeating the process. It was VERY messy and VERY wet so I did it outside (as evidenced by my blue-stained entry area!). Because it took so long to dry I worked on my second painting between "layers". The second one is just a geometric style I had been toying with in my sketchbook.

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Mike said...

Hey Wendy! I just found yours and Patty's blogs! You are doing great! I know how difficult it is to break out of art habits and to open new channels of thinking, but you are gaining ground fast. Keep up the terrific work and don't get discouraged. The fun in this art game comes from trying new things and being completely surprised by the successes we never knew were in us. . . .and I can see GREAT work ahead of you!