Friday, September 27, 2013


This cute little guy is an exercise in drawing white fur which is quite challenging.  This was done on Bristol paper which has a very smooth surface and using a regular 2B graphite pencil.  The easier and preferred method (for me) would have been to use white and black charcoal pencils on a toned background but, as I said, this was to be a challenge.  To help separate the white fur of the pup from the  white background I added a little tone with graphite and a little smudging with my fingers - kind of reminiscent of Kindergarten and actually fun.  Because the graphite tends to smear easily if your hand brushes against the drawing I finished the drawing by "cleaning" it up with my trusty electric eraser.  I love how you can restore the bright white of the paper.

11 x 14
Graphite on Bristol Paper

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