Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Indy" (Flat-Coat Retreiver, 8 weeks old)

This is my friend, Mylou's, new puppy, Indy.  Isn't she adorable.  I just had to draw her.  She is a Flat-Coated Retriever, just like her sister, Luna.  Mylou and I met in puppy class nearly 4 years ago and have been friends every since. :)

Drawing Indy was a bit of challenge in that she is all black, not a speck of white anywhere.  I used my new favorite method of black and white charcoal on Bristol Vellum.  Even though she is entirely black I needed the white charcoal to help pick out the highlights.  I generally use both hard and medium grades of black charcoal, white charcoal and an "ugly" brush to help work the graphite powder into the paper, giving me a smooth and rich undercoat.  An electric eraser is used for picking out tiny highlights in the eyes and the toe nails.

The only compositional change I made was to swap the leaf Indy had in her mount with a daisy.  I thought it added a little whimsy and I like the contrast of the white flower against an all black puppy.

Charcoal on Bristol Vellum
Private Collection

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