Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Watercoloring Lettering with Val Web (cont'd)

In this lesson of Val Webb's online Watercolor Lettering class we learned to do Celtic lettering.  I only had time so far to do one letter and one border.  If you like stippling or things that are slow and deliberate you will love this -- sort of like meditating! :)

This border sketch is much longer and "in progress",
HB pencil on 140# watercolor paper

Celtic letter "G"
Nano-Liner .01 pen in black, watercolor on 140# watercolor paper

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laura said...

These are really wonderful, Wendy. What a great class it must be!
I think I first became interested in art after seeing an exhibit of early Celtic art that included illuminated manuscripts.
Love the intertwining lines drawing--and that G is gorgeous!