Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day 19 - Red Dress

One of my favorite paintings is a romantic, whimsical scene of a man and woman in formal dress dancing on the beach in the rain. I love that the woman is barefoot and by their embrace you can tell that they are unaware of anything but each other. The rest of the scene includes a maid and butler carrying umbrellas and shivering, braving the rain and cool weather. It is tender and fun at the same time. You can't see the faces of the couple, which I like, it adds ambiguity and lets the viewer imagine that it could just be him/her! When I saw the assignment was RED DRESS I thought of this painting. I love her simple yet elegant dress so I decided to "borrow" from the picture. I decided to forgo pen and ink and leave in my pencil sketch lines in keeping with my attempt at a loose sketch.

The original painting is called THE SINGING BUTLER by Jack Vettriano

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