Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12 - Positive Thinking

Day 12 - Positive Thinking

I often admire other artists whose work seems so fresh and spontaneous, as if it just flowed naturally from their fingertips. I would like to create work like that. Part of what holds me back are bad thoughts, like I can't do it, what if I mess up, etc. I tend to want to fill in all the "spaces" instead of leaving those lovely white flecks of paper peeking through. After reading the instructions for today's assignment I just scribbled out the first thing that came to mind, trying to be spontaneous and playful. I like the end result but, as you can see, not a white speck to be found! What I enjoyed about this project is all the positive thoughts that came to mind right off the bat. Anyway, there are more days to embrace "white specks", perhaps tomorrow. :)

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janice said...

Don't worry about it-white specks are highly overrated! It's good to see you back in Blogville. I have been checking mine every couple of weeks but have not posted in MONTHS. I've enjoyed your daily forays into watercolor journaling and look forward to more. Hope you are well-I miss seeing you and Sheila.