Friday, October 9, 2009

Linear Visions Show - I'm finally ready!

It's 10:30pm and I finally have everything ready to take to the show tomorrow! I actually painted two different versions of these Tahoe Kayaks. The first one you've seen previously in this blog - I've tweaked it a bit and put on a tightly cropped mat which helps with the graphic "feel". The second version, seen framed here, is the one that my family voted on for entering into the exhibit. I tried two different techniques, both of which were unlike my usual style.

P.S. Thanks to my wonderful hubby who taught me how to cut my own mat!


Pixel Pattie said...

Both are really cool. I love the tightly cropped original one but I also like the rainbow effect and the switch to the "moonlight" look on the new one. Good luck at the show!

janice said...

Your painting is beautiful, Wendy. I hope you entered as an "Emerging Artist" and have an additional chance to win a prize!