Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tom Lynch Watercolor Workshop

Three days of intense workshop with Tom Lynch. The first two days we did lightning fast exercises, one after another. Today, the third day, we watched Tom demo a complete painting (on watercolor canvas) and then tried our hand at it, hopefully incorporating some design tidbits that he had mentioned previously.

These are some of the exercises we did. The first one is just showing the sunset colors reflecting and intensified on the hills. For the next one he gave us a magazine picture and a paper towel with a 1-inch hole out of the center. We had to paint - no drawing first - what we saw in the little hole. Then we had to tear the hole a little bigger and continue the painting, and repeat a few more times. Mine was pretty simple since it was just some tree trunks and foliage and water. The third example was also from a magazine photo but we had to write a couple of words on the back of the paper and then try to paint that "description". Mine was POWER and COOL (for the waterfall). Not sure that I got that one right, but it was fun.

All these were done pretty darn fast and I think most of us were totally exhausted at the end of each day.


janice said...

Wendy-The paintings look so good! Even though they're different from your usual style, I can see your hand in them. I am really looking forward to seeing all that you accomplished at the workshop.I passed on attending this one, as I'm going to Asilomar, but I know that you, Sheila and Phyll had a great experience. We'll get together after my weekend of plein air and share all of our work.

Sergio Klod said...

A good work. It is important to try. Your paintings like me. Congratulations. From Chile. South America.