Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Casey on Yupo

A couple artist friends and I got together yesterday to play with YUPO, the synthetic (plastic) watercolor paper alternative. The paint doesn't react the way you expect which is frustrating and exciting. I am working on a portrait of my niece, Casey, on traditional cold-press paper but decided to try it on YUPO, just for fun. At first I couldn't get the paint to "stick" where I put it. For some reason it wouldn't "stay" on her nose! Very strange. I must have gotten a little oil from my hands on the YUPO and it was causing a sort of resist. Well, here is my final (maybe) project. I might need to add some more darks after I look at it for a while. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to photograph very well, the background is actually white.


Krista Hasson said...

Wendy, you did a fantastic job. I have yet to try yupo, I have some in my cupboard just havent got around to it

Kaaren said...

I'm really impressed. My experience with Yupo is that it is almost impossible to control. But you did a wonderful job. You also managed to keep Casey's face "young" which is hard to do especially with paper that creates so much texture.