Saturday, May 9, 2009

Yupo Roses

This week I was trying my hand at a loose interpretation of some blossoms - Charles Reid style - but wasn't having any luck. For me, loose equates to sloppy. I guess I'm just not confident enough for minimal strokes. Anyway, after a couple of attempts, I remembered I had a brand new pad of Yupo that I'd been wanting to try out. Having no experience whatsoever I decided to just jump right in. I didn't know if you could draw directly on Yupo, or use liquid mask or create layers. So, of course, I tried all three! I am actually pleased with my results. I will confess that I did wipe the entire thing off once and sprayed down the center to remove excess paint twice - that's the beauty of Yupo! Now, just one question - is there anyway to "fix" the artwork so it doesn't melt during the next humid day?


Kaaren said...

Wendy! This is gorgeous! I love your loose line work on top of those fabulous colors. And you got some lovely darks as well. You make me want to try it. Did you use masking fluid first? -Kaaren

Sheila E. said...

OMG! That is so Fantastic! and Beautiful! I'm glad you figured out how to use Yupo, I want to try it out sometime too.

Watercolor Wendy said...

Am I supposed to respond here? Not sure. Anyway, this was my first attempt at using Yupo and I REALLY didn't know how to use it or what to expect so I guess I wasn't worried and just decided to "test" it. I drew my design lightly in pencil directly on the Yupo. Next, I put some full-strength liquid mask in an oiler boiler bottle with a fine needle tip and sort of "drew" with that. It took a LONG time to dry. Then I alternated between layers of color (applied with a very light touch) and more mask. Like I said, it takes a LONG time to dry between coats. At one point I wiped the entire thing off and started again. The colors become muddy really fast so watch for that. Now I have to buy some sealer for it - someone suggested Delta Ceramcoat Clear Varnish or Blair #201 (whatever that is!). Have fun with it!

Pixel Pattie said...

Way cool! I have to try it. It is beautiful

José said...

Hi Wendy,

I usually try to elaborate when writing a comment.
However this time I think that I'll just say : Excellent.

Kind regards,


adrienne trafford said...

wow that fabulous! i haven't tried yupo yet - toooo scurry!