Saturday, December 20, 2008

Misty Mountain 1 and 2

Back to my on-line lessons - here are Misty Mountain 1 and 2. The lesson was practicing two different ways to create the effect of mist on a mountain - bleeding or fading the color out and pre-wetting the "mist" area and letting the color run in and "bleed". The second method is very tricky because you can't see where the water is. In both of the paintings I should have had the mist come down farther so that when I painted the trees they would stand out dark against light. I worked them rather quickly, especially the second one, getting impatient I guess. If I were to try it a third time I think I'd actually rather put the mountains in first instead of the sky. That way I could see where I wanted the mist to merge with the sky.

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Sheila Estep said...

Hi Wendy! great job! Hope you'll put together a lesson for us next year on this. You're a wonderful Watercolor teacher, Thanks for all you've taught me and the inspiration to try out my own blog. Check out my blog:
I've painted two paintings of my dog.